Empire of Nothing

by La Fin

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Unexpaix In this EP, La Fin has without a doubt captured the cognitive process behind any poor soul that has taken the final step off a ledge. Using the iconic Evelyn McHale suicide as their theme, they pull no punches evoking the violent hopelessness one must feel before and as they fall. Chilling. Favorite track: The End.
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"Nothing on earth
exerts such pressure
on the human soul as a void."
(Stefan Zweig)

The concept behind this EP comes from reflections and emotions awaken by the famous picture taken by Robert C. Wiles the fifth of may 1947. This photo shows Evelyn McHale, a young woman who jumped down from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, which dead body lies almost graciously on the crushed top of a car. Our lyrics, by the way, do not talk about Evelyn. No one can ever imagine the choices that may lead a man to kill himself. This record is meant to be an external point of view on this theme and moreover, on the darkness that can wrap a person during those last moments.


released April 4, 2016

Music by La Fin
Produced, recorded & mixed by
La Fin, Michele Banfi & Lorenzo Ruggiero
Mastered by Lorenzo Ruggiero
Vocals are recorded by Pietro Cuniberti
at Phonograph Studio (Turin, IT)
Artwork & photo are by Marco Balzano
Model Cristina Ferrero

La Fin are: Marco Balzano (voice), Loris Laugelli (7 strings guitar), Lorenzo Ruggiero (8 strings guitar), Michele Banfi (Baritone guitar), Federico la Torre (Bass), Riccardo Marino (Drums)
For any info and communication:
info@lafinmusic.com - www.lafinmusic.com



all rights reserved


La Fin Milan, Italy

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Track Name: Consciousness
There's no real beginning until you are aware, aware of the end... we promise ourselves to find different faiths, we sacrifice ourselves and then get lost in a single breath. Do you still believe in this bleak landscape of dust? Surrounded by vultures we follow the rules of a game that does not belong to us... not in this world you'll find what you're looking for... not in this world, you'll find what you're, suspended between elements and breath you find what you are only in yourself, that distant storm is you, you are the opposites that collide... find a different form of you, of the universe... rebuild yourself... we sacrifice ourselves? Nothing is for nothing, we collide between what we're and what we will.
Track Name: The Fall
I extend myself into a bundle of light, I go all over this land that smells of fallen senses that we will never resume? The time lost to follow the desires of ourselves, we cannot change the destiny born to desire distant things, you can look through the destiny your desire is breathe the new day... destroy arrivals to change them in departures, all of us follow the fashion of self destruction... all becomes nothing when don't choose becomes your choice becomes everything is the choice... now I'm without breath... no strength to continue to run... a chase of faces in the mirror that lead you to lose the roles, lose the roles of who follows and of who chases. I extend myself, slow images of me are vanishing, and if I weren't anything else than the distance between me and myself that I chase? Dismantled in pieces, pieces that compose this distance, I cannot look for myself until I won't have collected fragments of me, I never touched that car, I never touched that ground, I hugged myself, I loved myself, I hate myself!
Track Name: Time
And you feel a sense of mastery over your life... but it's only the false illusion of waves and ocean, I lose my role when I feel the time on my face and any distance we live is delayed... as the lights of distant suns, that are dead even if we perceive them... as the waves that never touch until it is their time... try to find a different scream... that delete this one. I never asked to be one step ahead of my life, I just want to to stop to run. Trying to kill the monster of time to satisfy the haste of these damned days. I lose my role when I feel the time on my face and any distance we live is delayed by a time that is not ours. Try to overtake the light of this sun to call it again just star, to call it again just star! Trying to kill the monster of time to satisfy the haste of these damned days!
Track Name: The End
All that remains is a look suspended in time, in a world where the actions are the only reality, I choose to move while the distances decrease. I sink deeply, into my memories, I suffer, love, hate, a time that breaks the feelings. Nothing can scratch my soul, but Now I'm feeling so bad, I apologize to my eyes... can not go back, remain, eyeless, I can not turn back from you (tear my eyes, and everything with them) faces, time, actions, heartbeats, glances, pain, a life that confuses my senses, lose the sense between the end and the beginning. Eyeless, I apologize to my eyes if I was bad. I can not turn back from you, I will not come back to me. Tear my eyes, and everything with them, I lose you, I lose myself, I can not turn back from you, I will not come back to me. I suffer, love, put an end to the noises.